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Become a member of CISNA

Admission as a Member Authority

An application for admission as a Member Authority must be made in writing to the CISNA Secretariat, in the format prescribed in Schedule 4 of the CISNA Rules.

The Governance Council, through the CISNA Secretariat, may request an applicant to supply any additional information it considers necessary to allow it to assess whether the applicant meets the criteria to be admitted as a Member Authority.

The Governance Council, after considering the recommendation of the CISNA Secretariat, may accept, defer consideration of, or reject an application.

Once an application for admission has been approved by the Governance Council, the applicant shall be a Member Authority:

  • Become a signatory of the CISNA MMoU.
  • And paid the required membership fee

An applicant that is not satisfied with the decision of the Governance Council may request the General Council, through the CISNA Secretariat, to review the decision.

Download Application Pack:

Schedule 4: Application Form CISNA Membership:  Link to form

Membership Fees:  Link to fees schedule (Prescribed Fees)

Written Commitment from the Government / Authorities:  Link to letter template

Provide Brief on the Applying Authorities:  Link to Brief on the Applying Authorities


The Committee of Insurance, Securities and Non-Banking Financial Authorities (CISNA) was established in 1998, pursuant to Annexure 10 of the SADC Protocol on Finance and Investment as a committee of authorities responsible for the supervision of insurance, securities, and non-banking financial institutions (NBFI) in SADC Member States. CISNA is part of the Directorate of Finance, Investment and Customs of the SADC Secretariat and reports to the SADC Committee of Ministers of Finance and Investment through the Committee of Senior Treasury Officials.

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